Build your bookstore – choose from 4 different styles and customize with 3D objects.

With BookAnd, you can create your own custom book shop where you can share your latest and greatest reads. Showcase your unique taste in literature by creating custom 3D displays that you can share with your friends.

Organize your book collection – create your own categories and display them on your shelves.

Ever wonder how on earth you would organize all those books on your shelves at home? Now with our virtual bookstore, you can easily organize your selections by your own categories. Easily add, move and remove books from your display cases, so that everyone can see your wonderful collection of books.

Bring books to life – generate 3D book models and write reviews about them

We all love the convenience of e-books, but we lose that charm that comes with a tangible object. BookAnd creates 3D models of your books creating miniature scale versions that you can interact with in your bookstore.

Checkout what other Bookanders are doing – Share your bookstore via Facebook and Twitter.

Make reading social! Post your latest reviews to Facebook and Twitter, or visit BookAnd’s most popular bookstores. BookAnd makes it easy for you and your friends to make recommendations for each other!